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Washington, DC

I travel to Washington frequently, and sometimes attend briefings and meetings at the White House as well as receptions and parties. So decided to put some of my photos here, starting with the Inauguration in 2009.

In the nineties, my little Podengo look-alike often traveled with me to Washington, attending the inauguration of President Clinton. He was the inspiration for my getting my first true Podengo Pequeno.

The Presidential Inauguration January 20th, 2009

The Inaugural events started with a magnificent concert Sunday on the Mall and many official and private parties and events on Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday morning, in the sunny cold, we watched Barack Hussein Obama take the oath of office to become President of the United States of America. People clapped, they wept, they laughed, they smiled, we were all happy and enthusiastic and hopeful for our country.

This is both a culmination and beginning of the work of so many that began years ago. It was by far the best inauguration I have ever attended!

These photos were taken at various parties on Monday, the Swearing-In Ceremony on Tuesday (and the long detoured walk to get there) and at the Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball at the Washington Convention Center that night. Vice President Biden and his wife showed up at the Ball, and had us all laughing with his easy-going stories. About an hour later, President Obama and the First Lady arrived and the President spoke, after which the First Couple danced to the song "At Last" played by the United States Marine Corps Band.

To see some fabulous professional photos, go to www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/01/the_inauguration_of_president.html"

Good days in America!

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Our Destination - the Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony at the Nation's Capitol
Almost 2 million people were at the inauguration. It took a long time getting to the swearing-in ceremony due to a security issue. Everyone was calm, happy, orderly, together. We finally got to the gate with our tickets at 11 and it did not open until 11:45!
The First Couple Enter the Room at the 4th of the 10 Inaugural Balls they will attend.
Greeting from the 44th President of the United States of America -- Barack Hussein Obama!
President Obama speaks to us about working together for America
As always, thoughtful, kind, intelligent, caring.
Kip & Mar at the Ball
President Obama was all smiles and so were the guests!
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
Good dancers too!
Kip took this photo it's nice
Nice turn!
Waving Goodbye
Vice President Joe Biden & Jill Biden came an hour before the First Couple
Party at Darlington House for IADLC
Kip at Italian American celebration
Appetizer table!
Queen Nur of Jordan at the Arab American Inaugural Celebration at the Fairmont Hotel
Another party, another outfit!
Lt. Governor John Garamendi of California speaks at IADLC party.
Sea of hats on a cold winter day on the way to the Swearing-in Ceremony. Much of Washington looked like this all day Tuesday.
Marilyn, Marilyn & Peter at the Hungarian American Salute at Kossuth House
Coming up from the Metro at Dupont Circle - happily the Cosmos Club where we stayed was only four blocks away.
Monday party with Council friends
Michelle Obama speaks at the Democratic Convention in Denver in August 2008
Carolyn Kennedy introduces her Uncle Ted at the DNCC in Denver in August 2008.t
Home Again! And greeted by Donzela and Bucky!!
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