Porto Novo Podengos

Portugal 2007

Kip and I traveled to Porto for the biggest all-breed show of the year, up in the north of Portugal on the coast. The 67th Annual International Canine Show of the North was held January 21st and 22nd and was hosted by the Clube Portugue de Canicultura and organized by its President and renowned author, judge and breeder, Carla Molinari. The show featured breeds and judges from all over the world. It was held in the modern convention center at the north end of the city, close to major attractions, shops, hotels and fine dining. Of course, we spent most of our time at the dog show. One of the many fascinating features was a show within the show of Portugal breeds-- Portugal has ten national breeds and all were represented, so this was a great occasion to not only see more Podengos, but to see the other breeds of this great country.

Prior to the show we spent time meeting with friends and associates, meeting more Podengos, studying various aspects of the breed, and touring some places for the first time -- including the ancient Roman ruins at Conimbraga and the Port Houses of Porto.

It was a great trip, made even better by the sunny days and the ease with which one can travel in Portugal, a most welcoming and delightful country!

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In Ribeiro section of Porto, January 2007
Kip in Ribeiro
Cafe on the Douro River
Portugal has the Best Fish in all of Europe!
Cao de Gado Transmontano Wins!
We met this smooth coat Pequeno in Torres Vedra at Jorge's home. His name is Elvis and he is the King!
Miguel Rebelo of Montoito Kennels and one of his Champion Podengos
Torrada de Viamonte Struts her Stuff!
Carapau de Viamonte Waits Patiently for his Turn
Judge Vitor Veiga evaluates Artista De Viamonte, with owner Miguel Sabino
Judge Veiga and Miguel Sabino Discuss Podengos
Smooth Coat Medios from the Chien des Bergers kennels in Coimbra
Manuel Readies his Barbado da Terceira for Show
This Wire Coat Podengo Grande is Handsome and Friendly
The Podengo Pequeno is Simply a Much Smaller Version of the Podengo Grande
Umbigo de Viamonte -- Perfection in a Little Package!
Vale do Poco Puppies
This Month-Old Puppy is Like a Roly Poly Bear!
Smile! You're on Candid Camera!
Kip and Bacalhau de Viamonte, who is Coming Home with us to Connecticut. Mama Beca wants him to stay!
Back in Estoril, a Pretty Seaside Town near Lisbon
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