Porto Novo Podengos

Portugal 2001

In April, 2001, we took our first trip to Portugal to get our first Podengo, Chicharro de Viamonte, later called "Manny." Little did we know that our life was about to change dramatically. This little guy became the pathmaker for Podengos in America, appearing in dog shows, magazines, newspapers and media outlets. Because of his good looks and forceful personality, he served as a good emissary for the breed. What captured our hearts and minds was the fabulous country and great people we met. So Manny was the reason for this too.

Double click on these images to take a look at some of our photos through the years and you will see why we love Portugal so much.

River Tagus
Kip at the monument of the Discoverers in the Belem district of Lisboa
Marilyn at the Palace of Culture in Belem
Countryside in the Estremadura Region
Dinner and Entertainment in Lisboa's Barrio Alto
Rooftops of Lisboa
Some Fado Music in the Alfama District of Lisboa
A Day in Sintra
Hills of Sintra
Marilyn Explores Ancient Ruins
We Spend a Few Days in the beautiful Walled Town of Obidos
Obidos is one of the Loveliest Places in Portugal
In Obidos, Even the Dogs Drink from Historic Fountains!
At Nazare - Surf's Up!
We Visit Nazare and its Beautiful Beaches
We Meet Miguel and Guida Sabino at Viamonte Kennels in Leiria
Guida Shows us Laranja do Vale Negro (Beca), Mother of the "C" Litter
We meet the "C" Litter - Carapau, Chicharro and Corvina de Viamonte!
Chicharro & Carapau at 14 weeks of age
Corvina and Chicharro at the Inn in Obidos Resting Up for the Plane Trip to their New Homes Tomorrow
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