Porto Novo Podengos

London 2012

London has it all - in addition to the Olympics, wonderful restaurants and shopping, and great art performances and galleries, and my wonderful daughter Liz, I get to visit Ginja, one of Liz's two Podengos in her gorgeous home. Ginja spent her first three years with me in Newport, Rhode Island and has been in London since 2004. Here are some photos we took at her 11th birthday on July 5, 2012.

Ginja naps on her very own, very special blanket
Ginja on her special chair where she excells at guarding her home.
She is a very intelligent girl, always listening and on alert to protect her beloved Liz.
Chillin' and watching the Olympics with one eye, July 28.
Listen up! I spy the pizza guy!!
Ginja especially loves to look out to the front garden and the sidewalk. She is very serious about her sentry duties!
Her best friend is Schwartz, who she takes care of and keeps in line. She is a bit bossy after all!
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