Porto Novo Podengos

Baltic Sea Cruise August 2010

Liz and I left the Podengos at home -- my five in Old Saybrook and her two in London, for a two week cruise on the Queen Victoria thru the Baltic, stopping in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Oslo and Kristiansand. It was a great trip and a chance to catch up with each other and with our selves.

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Day 1 - All Aboard!
The day before setting sail, we had a long wonderful lunch at The Fat Duck. Liz's shirt is proof!
We are officially on board!
That's me, ready for the cast off!
Leaving England
The first business is a fire drill for all.
The fire drill is held in the Champagne Bar!
A lot of champagne is consumed on this cruise, mostly by Liz.
The second night is a formal Black and White Ball. Here I am at dinner in the Queens Grille beforehand.
Liz and I are having fun!
Liz at the first course.
We both enjoy the dinner and the service. We also have a private butler for our suite, so can have ice cream (etc) 24 hours a day!
The food is excellant, with tableside cooking and lots of choices, all fresh and most organic.
Our first day ashore was in Copenhagen. We explored the NyHavn district and had supper there.
We dined at this canalside pub.
Grilled Plaice and chips for dinner and good Danish beer!
We took a canal ride to see the wonderful architecture of Copenhagen.
Like this centuries-old skyline
On Day 5, we had dinner with the Captain. It was another formal night.
Modern architecture in Copenhagen -- we were there for two days.
Great modern architecture!
After a night at sea, we are in Stockholm.
Liz is happy as there are abundant shopping opportunities here. Some of her favorite designers are in Copenhagen and Stockholm, so she was busy!
We are leaving Stockholm, having a cast-off party on the top deck, reggae band and all!
We wandered into this changing of the Palace Guard in Stockholm.
We came upon this sweet statue of a little dog and her puppy.
We always check out the local supermarkets. Liz is happy to find Liz Salander's (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) favorite food here.
I made the mistake of feeding the seagulls hors d'oeuvres from our deck. They followed us to Estonia!
We cross the Baltic Sea to Estonia and arrive in its capitol, Tallinn, on August 7.
Whenever we are in Paris, we go to Notre Dame to stand at the Center of the World. Little did we know that Tallinn has one in their medieval square too!
We had lunch at this Russian cafe in the old town square of Tallinn - very excellant pelmeniki!
Here I am in Tallinn's old town center.
After a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom travel around the town square.
Interesting art in the Church of the Spilt Blood in St. Petersburg. We find a Podengo-like dog too.
The Winter Palace on a hazy day.
We attend an evening concert at the Hermitage.
We arrive in St. Petersburg on August 8. It is hot and steamy. We visit the Church of the Spilt Blood.
Mozart at the Hermitage conducted by Dmitry Zubov.
We could see this little Russian Internet Cafe from our ship.
We took a boat cruise to view St. Petersburg from the water. The air was heavy with smoke from the fires near Moscow.
Interior of the Church of the Spilt Blood.
One of the palaces of St. Petersburg.
There was a lot of trash about in St. Petersburg. Much has changed since I was last here.
Antique train ride north of Oslo, Norway.
It is August 10 and we are in Helsinki, Finland. Here is Liz at the crafts market. My first visit here and it is really nice.
This is the main street. We had lunch (herring and potatoes) at an art deco restaurant here.
We bought Marimekko and lots of good crafts in Helsinki.
And Liz bought some cheese filled pastries.
Liz likes the train!
Norway's Fjords. Norway has 55,000 islands!
A ferry between our ship and the land of Norway.
Norway is green green green. And expensive, it ranks #1 as the world's most expensive country.
Great Day in Kristiansand!
Liz shops her designers.
We explore Fishtown for lunch.
Fishtown is part of Kristiansand with canals.
We explore the sand sculpture park. Liz isespecially take with the gnome.
There's Liz in Fishtown.
In Norway they class up their McD's!
This is the hub of Fishtown.
Got fish?
Now that's fish!
It is Saturday, August 14th, our last night at sea. We have an "elegant casual" dress code for dinner tonight, so here I am in a new skirt from Norway, shoes from Italy, shirt from US, necklace from London. Quelle internacionelle!
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