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Porto Novo's Enchantress and Eulaia do Porto Novo at 6 weeks, sweet and smart!

This section includes information about our partners and programs as well as links to educational and cultural resources.

We list breeders in the United States with whom we work and share resources and expertise. We believe that the best breeders are members of the Portuguese Podengo Club of America (PPCA), which has a code of ethics meant to protect the breed from unscrupulous breeders and practices.

See more at www.podengos.com/puppies

Porto Novo Podengos and our partners are PPCA members and pledge to record all of their breeding stock, register their DNA, microchip or tattoo them for permanent identification, check various health indicators and provide other reasonable means to ensure that puppies are healthy and are going to the best homes. So make sure that the breeder is PPCA-certified and on its breeder referral list

Our site also lists some of breeders in Europe with whom we have had positive experiences and who have websites.

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Marilyn Piurek, Porto Novo Podengos LLC, Old Saybrook, CT & Newport, RI, USA • Phone: 860-395-0546