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The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America was invited to participate in this event and we put together a great booth, which was one of the most popular in this show that drew 37,000 visitors over the weekend. That's little beauty Eulalia do Porto Novo in the photo to the right of Whoopi Goldberg! Our six little Podengo Pequenos were great representatives of the breed!

The PPPCA Network is an outgrowth of Porto Novo's ideals. As founders of the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America, we stand by their allegiance to protecting this wonderful breed. Network partners are all PPPCA members who are committed to following the Breed Standard and share Porto Novo's philosophy and principles. As Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America members (www.podengos.com) they have signed PPPCA's Code of Ethics.

Our journey entails a continuous path of education as we promote and protect the breed in the United States. We share ideas, resources, and information to the betterment of the breed. This teamwork and openness is key to achieving the highest standards of excellence in breeding of wire coat Portuguese Podengo Pequenos and bringing their natural qualities to perfection.

Among us, we have abundant knowledge of the Podengo Pequeno, derived from both hands-on learning in Portugal over more than ten years and awareness of the breed's functionality and history. The Podengo is a lively, very fit breed, with no known major health disorders, and, while some Pequenos have been known to reach 20 years of age, the normal life span in Portugal appears to be about 17. This longevity is attributed to the fact that the Podengo is a primitive hound, bred for function, built right to serve as a great little rabbit hunter. If our pups do not hunt, they often engage in agility and other pursuits that keep them able, sharp and limber. The Podengo Network has recently imported some wonderful Podengos from various kennels in Portugal to strengthen our bloodlines and provide more opportunities for healthy breeding practices.

We exhibit our Podengos in the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, ICKC, and other canine organizations here and abroad.

PP Paradise Podengos

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Gaiata with seven new puppies!


Portuguese Podengo's Paradise is home to some beautiful Pequenos of solid, healthy and diverse foundation stock. If you check out the slide shows, you will see more of these lovely Podengos.

Corvina de Viamonte of P-P Paradise was one of the first two wire coat Podengo Pequenos to come to America, along with her brother Chicharro (Manny). Four years later, little Icaro do Vale Negro (Ike) came to the USA. Gaiata da Terra de Montoito came to Kentucky in 2007.

In 2008, CH Havano da Casa de Torres de Plushcourt (Harry) came from England, and other additions have created a wonderful family of diverse, healthy Podengo Pequenos at P.P. Paradise.

These distinct lines represent new foundation stock for America that will help us to continue to diversify and strengthen our breeding programs and enable us to produce healthy, happy, beautiful Podengos from the bloodlines of this fascinating ancient breed.

For more information on Paradise Podengos, contact

Click on the photos enlarge them and to learn more about these lovely little Podengos!

Utopia Hill Kennel

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Mama Catarina, known as "Cat" is just loving her puppies!
Utopia Hill is located in Covington, Kentucky, close by PP Paradise. Both have fabulous Podengo Pequenos. Here are some new puppies born in late September 2011 at Utopia Hill. Known for their healthy, happy, handsome and well socialized puppies, Utopia Hill is diligent about outcrossing lines to keep the breed healthy. Take a look at the new puppies -- 3 boys and 2 girls, all lovely!

Zangao & Lali

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Little Lali (Porto Novo's Eulalia) and Zangao de Viamonte are best friends and the cutest couple in the world!
Zangao de Viamonte was born in Portugal in April 2006 and lives in Massachusetts. Zangao is a great little Podengo, with a charming and outgoing personality. He won Winners Dog at the 2007 US Podengo Specialty in Matamoras, Pennsylvania and is now almost fully qualified as a Rarities Champion. All of us love it when Zangao comes to visit us and play with his friends.

Lali, formally known as Eulalia do Porto Novo, was born on November 3, 2007 in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. She went to live with Zangao and Teresa and Bob when she was eleven weeks old and has joined Zangao in all sorts of wonderful adventures. Lali is also a wonderful little show dog who won Best Born in the USA at PPPCA's 2010 National Specialty! It was the biggest dog show for the Podengo Pequenos and she did GREAT!

Zangao and Lali are active dogs and love the outdoor life, going hiking in New Hampshire, to the beaches at Cape Cod and other great places with their people, Teresa and Bob.

They are both therapy dogs, serving the community and doing good work bringing smiles and happiness to patients.

These pages will show the activities of Lali and Zangao in many aspects -- from hiking to hanging out at home to serving as therapy dogs and all in between. They also chronicle the journeys of Lali and Zangao as they join Teresa and Bob to conquer all of the mountain peaks in New England exceeding 4000' high. If any breed can accomplish this mighty feat, Podengos can!

Slide shows are arranged in chronological order, just click on each one to see all of the photos.

Tumomak Podengos - Massachusetts

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Cacau de Viamonte
Delightful, active, enchanting and entirely social Podengos! Tumomak is home to Zaragata and Cacau de Viamonte and Tumomak's Horatio, Hecco and Zarrio. See more of them at:


Podengos of the Hunt

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Gringo da Flor D'Estava from neighboring Massachusetts

Some of out best friends are Smooth Coat Podengo Medios. They look almost the same as the Pequenos, are just larger -- averaging about 35 Lb. and 20" at the withers. Our favorites are hunting dogs as well as lovely pets and good at shows -- a perfect trifecta!

Thank You Portugal

Thank You Portugal
It was 2006. It was dusk, and we were waiting at Newark International for the TAP-Air Portugal's 7:20 PM flight from Lisbon. At exactly 7:19 we heard engines, and a minute later saw the colorful airplane descending from the sky. About 90 minutes later, owners were welcoming their new Podengos and watching them play in the x-pens set up on the grass outside of the arrival area. Today, most of these dogs are in our breeding network and we are breeding many fine Podengos and importing far less. When we import, we bring in new lines from England, Finland, Sweden and other countries in order to continue to breed healthy Podengo Pequenos by diversifying our bloodlines.

Thank you to Portugal for helping get us started and thank you to all those worldwide who support us. And special thanks to the wonderful American breeders who are members of the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America.
Marilyn Piurek, Porto Novo Podengos LLC, Old Saybrook, CT & Newport, RI, USA • Phone: 860-395-0546