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Responsible Breeders

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Hallmarks of a Responsible Breeder

Selecting the right breed for you and then finding a responsible breeder are the first steps you'll take when acquiring a new pet. But what makes someone a responsible breeder? Use the following tips to identify breeders who have the best interests of dogs, and your family, in mind.

Joining the Club - Is the breeder a member of a national or local dog club? AKC And UKC parent clubs as well as local clubs will often have a breeding Code of Ethics that members are required to follow. Membership allows breeders to stay up-to-date on health and educational information related to their specific breed.The Portuguese Podengo Club of America is the best place to learn more about the breed, network, and find the best and healthiest puppy for you. Join them at www.podengos.com.

Meet the Parents - Have you been able to verify that the breeder properly cares for the parents of the pet you're considering by providing veterinary care, exercise, high-quality food, and a clean and stimulating living environment? Will the puppies have their shots before coming to live with you? Have they been exposed to plenty of people and situations to ensure proper socialization?

Bringing Home A Best Friend - A good breeder will ask you lots of questions about your home, your family, and your ability to properly care for a pet. He or she will want to make absolutely certain that you will take excellent care of your pet and may ask many questions of you and others who will be caring for your new dog. A responsible breeder takes every possible measure to place their pets in loving, caring homes so the animals live long, happy and healthy lives. They will let you know that they'll be available throughout your pet's life to provide guidance and answer questions.

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