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Porto Novo's Gustava GObama is the first small smooth coat Podengo bred and born in our home. We love the way you can see her lines, she is a beautiful girl with an outgoing personality. She started playing with the other Podengos in the living room when she was just 3 weeks old and is now welcoming to all people, anywhere, anytime!
Porto Novo Podengos offers a network of enthusiastic and learned breeders, some of whom have mentored others on the ins and outs of breeding. In addition to this hands-on learning, there are seminars available from various sources on all aspects of breeding and some exceptionally helpful literature in the field. Here are a few recommendations for the first time breeder:

(1) Learn everything you can about the Podengo and its history. Read the Portuguese Podengo Breed Standard and become intimately familiar with it. This Standard "sets the standard" for how a Podengo should look (type).

(2) Read read read and then read some more. Here are some good guides to starting a breeding orogram and related concerns:

- The Whelping and Rearing of Puppies, a Complete and Practical Guide by Muriel P. Lee. Chosen by thousands of breeders over the years, this manual conveys critical ideas clearly and practically. It has step-by-step instructions and guides the first-time and experienced breeder though the stages of labor, whelping. and rearing, as well as the many possible problems encountered during the process.

_ Breeding Dogs for Dummies by Richard Beauchamp. This friendly guide to bringing puppies into the world provides the information you need to create a positive breeding environment for your dogs so that they present happy, healthy offspring. It begins by asking if you should be a dog breeder and examines the responsibilities of dog breeding. It continues through chapters on selecting breeding stock, starting your breeding program and includes informative, helpful chapters on prenatal care, whelping, and raising puppies.

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