Porto Novo Podengos

The Funny Pages

Podengos are just so charismatic and funny, we decided to make a page about this side of them. So hang on and enjoy!

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The odd couple: 4 week old Podengo Amor (our first!) and 14 year old Maggie in Newport
Blue feet: Fida, Amor and Caia all got into ink!
Brisa just begs until she gets what she wants. Sometimes it is a nice big hug!
Brisa thinks she owns this table!
Bucky had to go to a shoreline Halloween party, so he dressed up as a lobster and got his picture in the newspaper!
Bucky sticks his tongue out at a judge in a very important show!
Caia shouts at Manny to puh-leeze shut up!
Chauncey's big trick is stealing hats!
When the pack gets together they love to form a conga line and dance the night away!
Hey! Is that my ear??
It's fun to be friends with those who do not look like you!
Chloe and Dixie rough-housing at 7 weeks old. Podengos!
Nobody but nobody got's a schnozz like the Dooze!
We call this Dooze Snooze. It's a work of art. And so is he!
Whoa! Is that a kitten thing?
Fun is a four-year old and a bunch of Podengos!
Chauncey has fun riding the roads of Long Island!
8-week old Francesca licks the plate and keeps an eye on Grammy Amalia.
Ginja started out with wine spritzers in Newport but now she lives in London and it is just champagne, champagne, champagne!
6 week old baby Ruby torments her dad Schwartz and he loves it!
Baby Ruby kisses her favorite person Kip .
Ike was always a big helper cleaning up after dinner parties!
3-week old Bella is already laughing. What a Podengo!
Only a Podengo like Mali could adopt a baby lamb!
Mali has great fun being the only biker chick Podengo in the world!
This is Mother's Day and Mali and daughter Donzela seem not to be appreciating it.
Manny is a very special guy, having fun making faces!
Please please let me in!
Manny and best bud Rocky Guajataca enjoy a break in the hammock.
Manny's best fun pal - Gus the Rottweiler mix.
The Porto Novo (Newport) pack gets ready to move to Connecticut.
Having fun consists of tossing each other off the A-frame!
Ruby LOVES to get up close and personal!
Three butts digging up the yard.
Zangao and baby have sweet dreams.
Zangao is not interested in those unusual antlers on Lali's head.
Zumbido meditates looking out from Monhegan Island.
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