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Our Podengos
Porto Novo's Smooth Coat Podengo Pequenos - Hunk of Burning Love and Happy i.am. - Stars of Animal Planet's Too Cute! See them at On Demand, Too Cute #512

In 2001, we brought the first small wire-coat licensed Podengos to the United States. Soon we were traveling so much that over the years we brought home both smooths and wires. Our first smooths were Hestia de Vedras and Hera de Vedras, from the Portugal kennel of Jorge Humberto Noguiera, breeder of the famous Elvis El Rey de Vedras, winner of the World Podengo Show in Portugal in 2011. Soon after Hestia & Hera, we brought Afonso el Rey, known as "Jack" and Brisa D'Eiras do Bugio, who we call "the Breeze". All four share the same father,Elvis. Hera and Jack now live happily in Denver, Colorado, with Jack serving as a great supporter of the Broncos.

All of our Podengos have been developing so well -- Bucky is certified with the Delta Society and worked with children at the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Izzy picks everything up very quickly and won the 2011 PPCA National Specialty after winning many BOB titles and was the first Best of Breed and Best in Miscellaneous Class In an AKC show in Texas in January 2011 -- the first smooth coat Podengo Pequeno in the USA to do so. Closing out 2011, in December she went on to take First Award of Excellence at the AKC Eukanuba show in Orlando. In 2012 Afonso El Rey and Brisa D'Eiras do Bugio won their UKC champion titles -- what a great club for real dogs! And in June 2013, Izzy (Hestia de Vedras) won the best Podengo in the Parade of Portugal show at UKC judged by a judge from Portugal.

Our Podengos have new pursuits each year - in 2016 they have learned more about hunting. One has become a great dancing dog! And of course they all love snuggling up with us to watch tv! 2015 and 2014 were also great years. In 2014, a fabulous male came from Portugal to mate with Hestia. This was perhaps one of the finest out-crossings in the breed's history - absolutely no common ancestors. And the puppies were beautiful. This was our first smooth coat litter of beautiful little Podengos, and a new wire puppy came a few months later.

And now we have Porto Novo's Happy, a beautiful puppy that won her first puppy match in August at PPCA's National Specialty in Ohio.

And of course we have the handsome and happy wire coat, Porto Novo's Money who is easy to train and loves his people and Podengos.

This is a breed that loves to learn and enriches our lives as they develop!


Here is our newest pup - a good sized Podengo Pequeno with wire hair. And a fabulous fun-loving dog!

He can dance, he can hunt and he can sit and watch television with his pals!

Brisa D'Eiras do Bugio

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Brisa celebrates her second birthday.
This is beautiful little Brisa, a smooth coat that Kip brought home from Portugal during Thanksgiving 2011. We have much to be thankful for - she is smart, loving, sweet and outgoing, and fits right in. Her name means breeze and we call her "The Breeze" for the way she speeds around in the yard, running like the wind.

Brisa is also a great hunter, bringing home mice, voles, and even baby frogs and snakes. She has extraordinary sight, scent and hearing and even knows when visitors are coming well ahead or their appearance!


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Bucky (Bacalhau de Viamonte) is the friendliest funniest Podengo in the world!

Never a dull moment and a sweet little guy. Bucky is also a certified Delta Therapy dog and great at what he does.

Afonso El Rey (Jack)

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Jack is a great companion and a wonderful show dog.
This little guy came here on board a flight from Portugal in August 2011 and settled in quickly. He is well socialized and a ton of fun. He spent his first year focusing on kissing all of our family and friends. Jack lives in Denver, Colorado and is a fabulous well loved dog. He is also a great breeding Podengo!

Donzela do Porto Novo

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Donzela loves her pet pillow!
Donzela has lots of character, is clever and grumpy and happy and joyful, all mixed together. She loves to learn new things and is very close with baby Buddy. Donzela was born on Kip's birthday, and they share a special bond.

Her dad is Saloio/Dooze and her mom is the ever lovely Amalia.

Hestia de Vedras (Izzy)

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Hestia de Vedras was born October 17, 2009. We call her Izzy.

Kip brought Izzy here on March 1, 2010. She is a beauty and has a wonderful, confident personality. She and Ruby are so close that we call them the velcros.

Porto Novo's Gustava GObama (Ruby)

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Fearless and forthright, Ruby has never met a person she did not like!
Little Ruby got her name because she is kind of red in color and has the personality of a piano player in a saloon -- exceptionally outgoing, confident, and lots of fun. She was our first smooth coat Podengo, so we sometimes call her "the Naked Monkey."

Her mom is Caia and her dad is Schwartz and she was born on election day 2008.

Sericaia do Vale Negro (Caia)

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On a very cold and snowy day, Caia just loves relaxing on the cover of the outdoor hot tub!
Little Caia was the first Podengo in the United States to win a Best in Show and she continues to be the little princess. Elegant, smart, charming and a bit aloof, she can also be spunky and funny and very playful. This is certainly a diverse breed and Caia represents it well.

In March 2011 she moved up the river to Essex to live with her own dedicated person and comes for regular playdates with her pack here in OS.


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Ginja has her own little door to go in and out of the garden as she wishes. It has a very big, very old stone fencing around it and she is very safe there, lots of birds too!
Ginja was our second Podengo. Kip brought her home from a trip to Portugal in 2001 and she lived with us in Newport, Rhode Island. My daughter, who lives in London, and she fell in love, and Ginja fell deeply in love with Bob too, so I took her to England myself seven years ago. She is an entirely happy, bossy, incredibly smart little girl who loves her garden and her home very much.


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Schwartz loves the snow and was happy to find it even snows in London.
Schwartz, formally known as Delico Doce do Vale Negro, came to live in Old Saybrook in 2007 and moved to London in December 2008 to join little Ginja in my daughter's home there. Schwartz and Ginja have become fast friends and are affectionately called "the Monstronsities" by Liz.

They are truly wonderful companions and full of laughs!


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Here she is -- Queen Mali!
Best known as "Mali", this intelligent, interesting, personable girl lives in Maine with her person Mark and goes boating a lot, always wearing the required vest. Mali is Donzela's mom and Manny's daughter and one of the most wonderful Podengos in the world.


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The Dooze races across the beach on Martha's Vineyard last summer, always happy and speedy!
Little Saloio de Viamonte is really known as Dooze and lives in West Hartford with his loving owner, my cousin Julie and his best pal, a big Lab called Mick.

Dooze is Donzela's dad. He fell totally in love with his girlfriend Amalia.

Amor do Porto Novo

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No, Amor is not driving, just getting ready to leave after a very nice visit with us here in Old Saybrook. Wonderful girl!
Amor was our first puppy, born in Newport on Valentine's Day. Her mom is little Ginja and dad is the amazing Manny. Amor lives with a 4-generation family close by in Connecticut and comes to visit. She has a great personality and charms everyone who meets her.


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Izzie is a tiny girl but has a super big personality!
Little sweet Izzie is a lovely girl, well trained and very smart, who is now with the delightful Chauncey and his fabulous family out on Long Island. She is as sweet and sassy as they come!

Chauncey & Cassie

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That's Izzie in the front, Chauncey behind, and both loving the camera.
Chauncey (aka Chauncey do Porto Novo)and Izzie, the newest addition to his household, are doing well. They look alike but she is about half his size. Both are lovely Podengos with that great fun loving spirit indigenous to the breed.

Fidalga da Casa de Sao Domingos (Fida)

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Fida loves the woods and running with her pal Archie.
Pretty Fida came from Portugal and lived with us for many years. She is very happy now too, living out in Minnesota with little Archie and lots of land and loving people.

Fida is also the face on the popular "I've Been Podengoed" button. What a girl!

Zangao and Lali

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That is little Lali on the left - you can see that she and Zangao are a great pair!
Zangao came here from Portugal in 2006. Lali (Eulalia do Porto Novo) was born here in Old Saybrook in 2007 -- our Caia is her mom and Bucky is her dad. Handsome Zangao and beautiful Lali live in Massachusetts. Zangao serves as a therapy dog in hospice care and both he and Lali go on many hiking trips with their people, scaling the peaks of New England.

Icaro Do Vale Negro (Ike)

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Ike is a Champion and holds a number of titles and is one of the finest dogs in America!
Little Ike came to live with us in 2004 after a trip to Portugal. In 2006, I took Ike to a show in North Carolina, where I met some wonderful people, Trish & Kirk Weber, who fell in love with him. Over the year we talked a lot and finally I let him go to help start their kennel in Independence, Kentucky. And Ike has been a fabulous show dog, pet and stud dog, fathering the largest litter that we have ever heard of -- 7 beautiful Podengo Pequenos.

But mostly, Ike has a great big heart and a wonderful sweetness.


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We imagine that this cartoon is Manny (on the right) talking with his half-brother Bucky. Seems like a conversation they would have :)
Last but not least. Manny was our first Podengo and the first purebred Podengo to show in the United States. He lives in Hartford with his person Linda and her family and spends much time with his beloved Richard and his super beloved Boston Red Sox. Manny is an amazing dog and has been a pathfinder in the Podengo show world here in the United States. He has also given us some wonderful puppies.

Manny Portrait

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This is so Manny. What a fabulous dog!
I just found this photo taken during one of Linda and Richard's visits here with Manny. Love it!
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