Porto Novo Podengos

Brisa D'Eiras do Bugio

There is no dog sweeter than a smooth coat Podengo Pequeno puppy -- especially our little Brisa D'Eiras do Bugio. We call her The Breeze.

Brisa is our baby girl
Brisa D'Eiras do Bugio is now two years old. We had a little party for her and took these pictures. She is being very proper, waiting for cookies.
Santa's little helpers - Izzy and Brisa!
Brisa at 9 months
Brisa at four months, January 2012
Brisa at 11 months. A real sweetie, loving, smart and fast!
Does the girl have great ears?
Brisa loves trees, home of squirrels!
Brisa's pack
Brisa stretches while coming out of her little clubhouse, showing off her beautiful head.
Brisa and Jack napping while Bucky babysits.
That is Brisa in the middle!
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