Porto Novo Podengos

Agility 101

Today Kip set up the agility equipment and we watched the pack explore it on their own. Each of the Podengos headed for the A-Frame first and all climbed to the top and down the other side on their own. Here are some photos of what Podengos do with new "stuff". Click on for larger images and titles & enjoy!

Here's 10 month old Schwartz (Delico Doce do Vale Negro) at the top!
Bucky (Bacalhau de Viamonte) was the first one up and Donzela do Porto Novo is the first one down!
One climb was enough! Caia (Sericaia do Vale Negro) prefers to rest and watch right now.
Amalia da Casa de Maio loves the new toy!
Here's the pack having fun!
What's this? More fun!
Podengos love to roughhouse up high!
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