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Porto Novo's smooth coat girl Happy and wire coat boy Money!


About Us - Lots of Firsts! In 2001, we brought the first purebred wire coat Portuguese Podengo Pequeno to the United States and campaigned him to become America's first Podengo champion as well as the first Canadian champion and first American Podengo to be shown in Portugal. Porto Novo Podengos, LLC was established, and we soon had the first American-bred champion, sired by our first Podengo! We own the first wire coat Podengo Pequeno to ever win a Best in Show in the United States (Sericaia do Vale Negro in 2006) and the first smooth coat Podengo Pequeno to ever win a Best in Show in the US (Hestia de Vedras/aka Izzy in 2010).

Our Club In 2003, the Portuguese Podengo Club of America was established to protect the breed in the United States. PPCA includes all three sizes of Podengos - Pequeno, Medio and Grande, and both hair types, smooth and wire. Serving as PPCA's first President, I was re-elected in 2009 and retired in 2011. Please join PPCA and get into the best Podengo network in the USA at www.podengos.com/joinus/

Our Puppies We breed and show both wire and smooth coat Podengo Pequenos -- each different, and each equally captivating! We created the first Podengo Pequeno Breeder Network in America - together, we breed for good health, good temperament, and good structure. We are listed in PPCA's Breeder Referral Program, which requires specific health checks and certifications and compliance with its Code of Ethics. We respect the Podengo Pequeno as expressed in its Breed Standard, its functionality, and its place in Portugal's history and culture. And we have some of the sweetest, best looking, smartest and most social little Podengos in America!

Looking for a Puppy? Read this! Some unethical breeders have been breeding indiscriminately and ending up with health problems. Make sure the breeder you work with is a member of the PPCA (Portuguese Podengo Club of America). This is the first and best club for the protection of the breed in the United States. Our member breeders do a number of health checks prior to breeding and are committed to developing healthy, happy, well balanced Podengos.

Show Results

August 2015 @ UKC PPCA Specialty: Brisa D'Eiras do Bugio wins best female Podengo Pequeno and Bucky (Bacalhau de Viamonte) wins best elder.

August 2014: Izzy (Hestia de Vedras) wins top female in PPCA's 12th Annual Podengo Show and her little daughter, Porto Novo's Happy i.am. wins Best Puppy!

January 2014: Izzy (Hestia de Vedras) wins her United Kennel Club Top Ten Certificate, being the Third ranking Podengo following two Medios. She is the first Smooth Hair Podengo Pequeno to win this award.

June 12, 2013: Hestia de Vedras wins Best of Breed at the UKC Parade of Portugal in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

September 8 & 9, 2012: Afonso El Rey (Jack) becomes a UKC Champion!

December 17, 2011: The Portuguese Podengo Club of America, the first and largest club of Podengo owners in the USA, won three out of four top honors at AKC's Eukanuba Invitational in December in Florida. Our Hestia de Vedras won the First Award of Excellence!

Hestia and her three siblings (Jack, Hera and Brisa) were all sired by CH Elvis El-Rei de Vedras, winner of the World Podengo Show (Monografica) in Portugal in July 2011.

If you have any questions, please contact me at portonovokennel@aol.com

Marilyn Piurek, Proprietor
Porto Novo Podengos, LLC

Podengo Facts

Ancient History - The Portuguese Podengo is an ancient hound that came to the Iberian Peninsula with the Phoenicians centuries ago. Stone carvings of Podengos appear on churches in Portugal in the 11th century and its first written reference is in 1199 AD, during the reign of Portugal's King Sancho I. Beginning in the 15th century, the small Podengo traveled aboard the ships of Magellan, Vasco da Gama and other Portuguese explorers, serving to rid the ships of vermin and disease. To this day, the Podengo retains the characteristics of its early ancestors.

Breed history can be found throughout this site and at www.podengos.com, the website of the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America, which was founded by the owners of Porto Novo Podengos.

Recent History - A few Portuguese Podengo Pequenos came to the United States in the 1990's but the main influx started in 2001, when we brought the first purebred wire coats to show in America. There are currently more than 700 Podengo Pequenos residing in 40 states. Most Podengo Pequenos in the USA are owned by and reside with PPCA members.

In Europe, the Podengo comes in three sizes, small, medium and large - called Podengo Pequeno, Podengo Medio and Podengo Grande. Each size comes in two hair types - wire coat and smooth coat. The large Podengos hunt wild boar and the medium and small are known as fine rabbit hunters.

In the United States, AKC split the breed, with the Podengo Pequeno (small size) standing as a singular breed. The UKC still honors the original breed - 3 sizes, 2 coat varieties.

The Podengo Pequeno has erect ears, pyramidal head, elegant lines of body and agile movement. It is a hardy, intelligent and lively breed, making fine companions. Loyal and fearless, it is also a good watchdog. With its keen sense of fun, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is easy to train, excelling at agility and other sports.

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At Porto Novo, we breed for temperament, health and beauty. Our puppies grow up with all ages of people and other Podengos, so they get a good start on being well socialized and very happy. Check out this photo of smooth coat puppy Happy and wire coat Money. Just too cute!


Even though they love a good cuddle, Podengo Pequenos are not lap dogs, but are independent thinkers who are enchantingly intelligen
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